How to Increase Sales in Your Coffee Shop

Boosting Coffee Shop Profits The country is slowly coming back from a the economic crisis, however the high street hasn’t fully bounced back yet, so if you want to be able to attract paying customers and keep boosting your coffee shop profit, coffee is one area that has remained strong. Customers are getting more knowledgeable… Read More »

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From? (Part 3 – Asia)

The Origins Of Coffee Beans – Asian Coffee Beans Coffee is a crop that is vastly important in terms of the global economy, with it being the second most traded commodity other than crude oil. Coffee beans tend to grow around the the equatorial regions of the planet, and as we have already covered, this… Read More »

What Are The World’s Rarest Coffees

Treat Yourself to Some Exotic Coffee Beans Coffee is a hugely popular drink; and there are many great coffees available that most people will not get the chance to try as they tend to stick to their big brand supermarket bought instant coffee. For those who like to try new things or have a taste… Read More »

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From? (Part 2)

The Origins of African Coffee Beans Coffee mainly originates in equatorial regions; in Africa, this is mainly forests. Legend has it that coffee was initially discovered in the 9th century by an Ethiopian goat herder. However, the earliest accounts of coffee being drunk in a similar fashion to how it is today comes from 16th… Read More »

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From? (Part 1)

The Characteristics of Latin American Coffee Beans In spite of its popularity, many of us know very little about the origins of our favourite hot drink. We might have a vague notion of the richness of Costa Rican coffee or the distinctive taste of Columbian, but that’s generally about as far as it goes. So… Read More »