5 Things You May Not Know about Brazilian Coffee Beans

Brazil has been a big role player in the coffee bean industry and has been producing and marketing coffee for many years. With a wide variety of blends under its belt, it seems only fair that we should know a bit more about the history behind the beans.

To grow the perfect beans there needs to be a perfect combination of heat, humidity, rainfall and altitude. Brazil has a unique mix of all these important factors which is probably why its coffee beans can be found in almost all coffee houses and coffee aisles around the world.

Here are 5 things you may not know about Braziliancoffee beans:

  1. Brazil is said to be responsible for approximately a third of all coffee production in the world, making it the world’s number one coffee producer.
  2. It is said that Francisco de Melio Palheta from Cayenne, the Capital of French Guiana, was the first to smuggle the coffee plant into Brazil during the 17th century.
  3. Brazilian coffee has the lowest level of acidity when compared to other major coffee brands on the market; the result is a sweet, smooth, flavoursome medium-bodied taste.
  4. Coffee in Brazil is mainly dry-processed, also known as the natural or unwashed method, due to the fact that there is a lot of sunshine in Brazil. The process involves picking and cleaning the coffee cherries before placing them in the sun to dry or by using a machine.  The dried cherries are then stored, sorted and graded before they are skinned. This process of removing their outer layers is done by machine.
  5. Brazilian coffee beans are not only used for blending, they are also often roasted to enhance their flavour. The beans can be made into stronger espresso mixtures and have developed a high reputation for their multi-purpose abilities.

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