Add a Touch of Gourmet Flavour to Your Coffee with Coffee Syrups

Flavoured coffee syrups are all the rage as they give you the opportunity to recreate all of your favourite coffee shop drinks in the comfort of your own home.

Syrups are the perfect way to add a different flavour whenever you’re in the mood for something different, without having to go out and buy different flavoured coffee. Years ago in the Middle East, locals were said to have experimented with mixed nuts and spices to add flavour to their coffee, a tradition that was most probably passed down from generations.

Nowadays it’s a lot easier to add an extra bit of zing to your favourite drinks. As a result of technology and our evolved tastes, flavoured coffee has become increasingly high in demand. The tastiest syrups are made from the most natural of ingredients that help enhance the flavour of coffee whilst still adding that extra bit of taste, unlike syrups that use additives and preservatives which can be overpowering to the flavour of coffee.

Some of the popular flavours that are often used to transform regular cups of coffee into gourmet treats include caramel, chocolate, French vanilla, gingerbread, white chocolate and toasted marshmallow. Other than using them in drinks they can also be used in desserts or drizzled on top for a bit of extra flavour. And although they are mostly made from sugar, there are sugar free options for the more health conscious individuals.

Once you have decided on your preferred choice of syrup, you can personalise the taste even further by adding other accompaniments such as milk, cream or sugar. This however will depend on how you like your favourite blend of brew to be prepared and also on which type of roast you prefer. Fortunately, when it comes to coffee syrups, you can add them to any form of coffee from lattes and cappuccinos to your simple, regular cup of Joe.

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