Coffee and Chocolate, The Perfect Blend of Flavours

By | March 29, 2011

chocolate coffee beansChocolate and coffee go together in so many different ways, from coffee and chocolate blended drinks to coffee with your favourite chocolate treat, whether it may be a chocolate bar or biscuit. Whichever way you like to get your fix, you can find the perfect mix of these two worlds in a selection of flavours and forms.

For those who enjoy their coffee and Cadburys hot chocolate drinks, why not go the extra step and blend the two delicious flavours together. Chocolate coffee beans are achieved by covering coffee beans with chocolate to create a perfect balance between the sweetness of the chocolate and the bitterness of the coffee. Chocolate covered beans also make ideal gifts for both chocolate and coffee lovers alike and have even been known to be popular with non-coffee drinkers too.

In addition, there is a wide range of other chocolate coffee flavoured drinks available. If you are an avid cafe/coffee shop goer, you’ll probably recognise them in the form of mocha’s and flavoured lattes. To flavour these drinks coffee syrups are often used. Sweetbird syrups are a popular supplier of coffee syrup with a range of flavours including white chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry and much more.

If however you prefer to enjoy your indulgences one at a time, why not try a Galaxy chocolate, Milka chocolate or Yorkie bar, before finishing off with a tasty cup of your favourite blend of beans, just the way you like it.

So, is it an exact science or pure coincidence that some of the best blends of coffee drinks in some way or other way include chocolate? Although many have been sceptical in the beginning, almost all would now agree that it is complete fate and that the match between chocolate and coffee is so deliciously irresistible, that it must’ve been made in heaven.

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