Different Uses for Sweetbird Syrups

Sweetbird syrups can be used to create a delicious range of tasty drinks. Using them you’ll be able to whip up exciting new flavour combinations for both hot and cold drinks as well as recreate some of your favourite classics.


The syrups themselves are non-alcoholic and come in a wide range of tantalizing flavours. They are probably most popular for their use in coffee as they can be used to make coffee shop favourites from vanilla lattes to caramel cappuccinos. The syrups from Sweetbird are not at all overpowering and instead compliment the taste of coffee, turning it into something extra special. You can easily adjust the flavour to suit your individual taste by simply increasing or decreasing the amount of syrup you put in.


The syrups are equally delicious to use in drinks like smoothies and milkshakes as they offer a real fruit taste. Just add the syrup to your liquid mix, shake, serve and enjoy.

Desserts and Toppings

All the different flavoured syrups can be used in cake recipes and desserts to create an extra hint of flavour and are also perfect to drizzle on top for decorations.

Iced Tea

Iced tea syrups are becoming a new favourite amongst speciality drinks lovers. Sweetbird have come up with a brand new Raspberry Iced Tea flavour that is also ideal for smoothies. Their other unique iced tea flavours include passion fruit lemon and jasmine lime.

Different Flavours

With such a wide variety of flavours to choose from you will never run out ideas when it comes to whipping up something tasty to drink. There are over 30 different flavoured syrups available so why not try a few and discover which ones are your favourite.

Sweetbird offer some of the best tasting syrups and are not artificial in taste like some of the others on the market.

Sugar Free

Sweetbird syrups come in a sugar free range and are also the world’s first syrup to be approved by the Vegetarian Society as they contain no GMOs, artificial flavourings or colourings.

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