Coffee with a Conscience: Follow the Frog Week 2013

Follow the Frog Week (16 – 22 September 2013) is a campaign to raise awareness about Rainforest Alliance certified coffee and other products. Over 25 million people depend on the coffee crop for their livelihood. The Rainforest Alliance supports these people through education around farm and crop management, producing better quality fair trade coffee beans… Read More »

What are the Differences Between Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans?

9 Differences Between Arabica and Robusta (Canephora) Coffee Beans There are many differences between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans (also known as canephora coffee beans). Here we take a look at some of these differences and weigh up the perks and drawbacks of each. The feel – The Robusta bean is harder (more robust) than… Read More »

Get Creative with Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Love chocolate coated coffee beans? So do we. They’re delicious, they’re indulgent, and they satisfy our two biggest cravings! They are also highly versatile, which is why we’ve come up with our top 10 ways to use them in recipes, as a gift or simply as a tasty treat. Here are some tempting ideas to… Read More »

The Benefits of Buying Fairtrade Tea

How Buying Fairtrade Tea Helps Support Farming Communities Awareness is on the rise regarding the working conditions of farmers who provide for us, but there’s still a long way to go. While fat cat corporations commissioning farmers continue to fill their pockets, a huge number of producers are still failing to make ends meet. Buying… Read More »

Regular vs. Decaf Coffee: Which is Better For You?

Many of us can’t face leaving the house without first having a cup of coffee. Craving the stimulating effect of caffeine, some people even sink as many as three cups before lunch time. The question is, is this excessive? In fact, at what point does coffee consumption become excessive? Would it better to stick to… Read More »

How to Make a Layered Latte (Barista Tips #2)

Making a Layered Latte A layered latte looks extremely impressive but is fairly straightforward to make when you know how. As part two of our series of barista tips, we explain how to make a layered latte in four simple steps – taking you one step closer to achieving the perfect coffee.   1 Start by… Read More »

How to Save Money on Your Office Coffee Supplies

Providing your office staff with coffee can boost productivity and morale. By giving your employees an incentive to take regular breaks, it can also help reduce stress. However, it can also be costly, so here are some useful tips to help you cut costs on your office coffee supplies. Buying Coffee and Tea for Your… Read More »