How To Make An Unforgettable Cup of Coffee

Everyone has their own special way of enjoying their favourite cup of coffee. White, black, sweet or bitter, the possibilities and ingredients are just about endless. But, what if there was a secret way to making the ultimate tasty cup of coffee, every time. Well, no need to wonder anymore, because there is.

Although each and every cup of coffee includes the same basic ingredients, there are certain ways you can go about preparing your brew that will make it especially tasty. The first and probably most obvious tip is to use good quality coffee beans as they are the be all and end all of your favourite hot drink. An easy way to check the quality of your beans is to make sure that they are all similar in size and colour, and of the same flavour. For an extra splash of taste, add some coffee syrup to the mix.

When it comes to grinding your beans, only grind as much as you need. Make sure your coffee equipment is clean and that there is no left over grime on your filter as this will affect the taste. If you have a coffee machine, it may already have specific instructions as to what level of ground beans works best with it. If however you don’t have a coffee grinder yet, be sure to purchase a good quality one, you will not regret it.

Using clean, filtered water is also another way to ensure your coffee tastes as best as it possibly can. Good quality beans taste best when they are finely ground, with two level tablespoons of coffee recommended per cup. Finally, don’t leave your coffee brewing for too long as this will weaken the taste and always finish your preparation off with hot milk.

When it comes to storing your left over beans, freezing them is fine however make sure that they are completely thawed out before you use them again. Alternatively they can be kept in an air-tight container, out of direct sunlight.

Although this may sound like a lot more work than a simple cup of instant coffee, the results are so much better. When you finally sit back and enjoy your drink, you will taste the difference in the flavour, smell it in the air and see it in your cup.