Questions To Ask Yourself When You Buy Coffee Online

When we buy coffee, particularly online, it can be difficult to decide on what exactly to get. This is one of many reasons why we often end up buying the same thing over and over again.

If this sounds like you, here are some questions to ask yourself the next time you’re browsing the web for some coffee beans online:

What strength is best?

Deciding on what flavour of coffee you’d prefer is often easier than you may think. Either you’d go for a milder, fruitier flavour or one with a strong, rich aroma. Another alternative is to try out a few different blends to get a taste of the various strengths first hand, before deciding on your favourite.

What form of coffee do you want to make?

I.e. would you prefer to grind your own beans or are you looking for a quick instant fix? Answering this question will help you narrow your search even further, giving you a better idea of whether you should go for roasted or ready ground beans, one cup filters or simply a jar of instant coffee.

What brand to go for?

Some brands offer a wide selection of coffee products within their range, whilst others specialise in specific types and flavours. You may therefore wish to stick to a brand that they already know and trust, or maybe you’re open to trying something completely new – the choice is completely up to you.

Should the beans come from an ethical source?

Similar to Fairtrade, Sustainable Development coffee is made from 100% sustainably-farmed beans and is certified by The Rainforest Alliance. This means that the money made from the beans goes towards improving the social and economic standings for the farming communities who grow the beans, as well as towards protecting their surrounding environment. Both The Rain Forest Alliance and Fairtrade are listed in the Governments Green Guide.

If this sounds like the type of coffee you would like to buy, look out for the Fairtrade and green frog Sustainable Development logo on the packaging.

Once you’ve answered these questions you should be able to make a more accurate choice on what kind and flavour of coffee is best for you. For a tasty choice, buy coffee online from Coffeebuyer. As the UK’s leading coffee wholesaler we stock a wide range of high quality beans as well as a wide range of other coffee products and accompaniments at affordable prices, including Sustainable Development Kenco coffee and coffee syrup.