What Are The World’s Rarest Coffees

Treat Yourself to Some Exotic Coffee Beans

Coffee is a hugely popular drink; and there are many great coffees available that most people will not get the chance to try as they tend to stick to their big brand supermarket bought instant coffee. For those who like to try new things or have a taste for something different, then some rare and exotic coffee beans might be worth looking into.

With Christmas approaching, if you have coffee loving friends or family then treating them to a gift hamper containing some of the world’s rarest coffees could be the ideal Christmas treat! Exotic coffee beans make for a great stocking filler present and can be a catalyst for your coffee loving friends to broaden their tastes when it sampling different coffees.

Examples of the World’s Rarest Coffees:

If you’re not sure what the best options of some of the world’s rarest coffees are, here’s our bucket list of the world best coffee:

– Guadeloupean Bonifieur – this is an extremely rare coffee bean grown on the island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. These coffee beans are of the Arabica variety, and the combination of fresh air, altitude and a large amount of rain are ideal for quality coffee. The term Bonifieur means to improve, as it was often used to make other coffees better; Guadeloupean Bonifieur coffee beans are considered to be some of the finest in the world.

– Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee – as the name suggests, this particular coffee comes from the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. The best batches of Blue Mountain coffee are noted for the mild complex creamy flavour and a lack of bitterness. A large proportion of this coffee is exported to Japan. Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is specially protected, so that coffee only grown in a specific area of the region can use the name, and the combination of the soil and growing height in this region is ideal for coffee production.

– Hawaiian Kona Coffee – this type of coffee can only be grown on the Golden Kona Coast of Hawaii’s larger island. Only a small number of handfuls of Kona coffee farms exist which have often been in the same family for generations, the slow ripening of these beans leads to a well balanced taste profile.
– Kopi Luwak – also known as ‘cat poop’ coffee beans are beans which have been collected in the Indonesian rainforests after being digested and passed through the digestive tracts of Asian Palm Civets. Kopi Luwak has been copied across the globe using all sorts of animals such as gorillas and birds but there’s no substitute for the Indonesian Civet!All of these coffees are available in a quality clip-lid presentation tin from coffeebuyer and make ideal gifts for coffee connoisseurs.

Which Are The Best Rare Coffee Beans?

It’s hard to say which rare coffee beans are the best as it all depends on how you like your coffee. In terms of exclusivity, Kopi Luwak is the rarest type of coffee bean which is why the price tag is generally higher. It has a sweet, mild taste, similar to Hawaiian Kona so if you like your coffee like this, it’s ideal.

If you prefer a more full bodied, richer coffee then try some Jamaican Blue Mountain or you prefer a fruitier coffee then why not try out Guadeloupean Bonifieur. Another idea to give someone a real treat would be to get them a gourmet coffee hamper, so that they could sample a variety of rare and exotic coffee beans.

All of the coffee beans on our coffee bean bucket list are available from coffeebuyer, in whole bean format or pre-ground and come in a quality, clip-lid presentation tin and make ideal gifts for coffee connoisseurs.