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Festive Christmas Drinks Ideas – 2014

Christmas Drinks How-to – 2014 Christmas is on it’s way so we’ve put together these 2 really simple Christmas drinks coffee ideas for you to try at home. Gingerbread Spiced Hot Chocolate Method:  Simply add 1 pump of Routin Gingerbread syrup to your favourite hot chocolate Dust with chocolate powder and serve with a festive [...]

How to Increase Sales in Your Coffee Shop

Boosting Coffee Shop Profits The country is slowly coming back from a the economic crisis, however the high street hasn’t fully bounced back yet, so if you want to be able to attract paying customers and keep boosting your coffee shop profit, coffee is one area that has remained strong. Customers are getting more knowledgeable [...]

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From? (Part 3 – Asia)

The Origins Of Coffee Beans – Asian Coffee Beans Coffee is a crop that is vastly important in terms of the global economy, with it being the second most traded commodity other than crude oil. Coffee beans tend to grow around the the equatorial regions of the planet, and as we have already covered, this [...]

How Coffee Beans are Roasted to Achieve Different Taste Profiles

Coffee Bean Roasts and Their Characteristics You may be a die-hard fan of balanced, medium-intensity American roast coffee beans. Or perhaps you prefer the full-on flavour of gorgoeous Italian coffee beans. But have you ever thought about the ways in which this diverse range of flavour profiles is achieved? There are literally hundreds of ways [...]

The Cost of Quality Coffee Beans

These days there is a wide range of coffee beans available to suit everybody’s unique taste and budget. And whilst the majority of beans on the market are affordable and available to us all, there is one unique blend that very few have had the opportunity (and stomach) to try. Surprisingly, this rare “treat” is [...]

The Top 10 Coffee Beans to Buy this Christmas

There is no better way to end off an evening of Christmas celebrations with friends and family than with a tasty cup of coffee. Here are this season’s top 10 festive favourite coffee beans: 1. Cafe Rovi Special This blend consists of 100% Arabica beans, medium roasted for a mild flavour that will appeal to [...]